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Ambassador Programme

Ambassador Programme


Wanted to do law? For the benefit of doing good for the animal kingdom? Became a Pet Parent and ended up becoming a petfluencer ? No Problem. #aplusapets is giving you this chance to become such advocates!

If you are the one with a golden heart, who always cheers others up and advocates for brands with quality products, then grab this opportunity and become A+a Ambassadors.


Who can be A+a Ambassador?

a. If you have an active Instagram / Facebook / Youtube handle
b. Are following us on our social accounts (@aplusapets)
c. Are actively cheering us.

Hint: We love an active advocate.

How to become A+a Ambassador?

Mail us the following details on 

Instagram handle:
Which city are you located in:

Hint: It melts our hearts to know a rescue story

What are your duties as A+a Ambassadors?

a. To mention Ambassador of @aplusapets on your profile.
b. If accepted into the program, you'll receive a unique 10% discount code that you have to share with the world.

Hint: Additional perks for our ambassadors who are active on our posts and share the codes creatively.


How will you benefit as A+a Ambassador?

a. You get to use this exclusive 10% discount for all your shopping requirements.
b. Every time a purchase is made using your unique code, you will be notified.
After 10 completed orders, you earn 10% of the total conversion amount.
Exciting, isn't it?

Wait there is more......

c. Higher chances of winning every fun contest.
d. Our first choice as petfluencers for new launches.


Lastly once you become A+a Ambassador you get a chance to get featured on our website.