The values around which A+a Pets was created is central to the brands identity and indispensable to our founder. The brands sustainability goals stem from her personal beliefs, and her vision for the brand ties closely into her vision for her own future.

This vision is to one day start a farm where all animals – abandoned, hurt, or in any way distressed – can find a loving home and many friends. In the meantime, the aim is to educate and create awareness around the plight of stray animals, the importance of treating them with kindness and respect, and advocating for adoption over buying.

A+a Pets is also closely associated with Mumbai Animal Association (MAA), a Mumbai based NGO working towards the rescue and rehabilitation of distressed birds and animals.

Our founder is also committed to reducing the brand’s carbon footprint and is an active advocate for finding achievable ways to increase the number of green spaces in the city.

As a founding principle, the brand will only include food that is vegetarian/ vegan or produced from ethically sourced/ free range meat. She has also made the conscious decision not to introduce an extensive line of pet products, but to focus instead on building a carefully curated rage of essentials made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. This was done to ensure quality, sustainability, and to avoid the trap of over indulgence and mass production that A+a Pets stands against.