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A+A Pets' Set Of 3-4in1 Shampoo/Dry Shampoo/Deo

Rs. 1,757.00 Rs. 1,127.00

A+a Pets' Set of 3 Value Pack, for your pets' grooming routine.

 SET OF 3:

1. 4in1 Shampoo & Conditioner / 350ml: Specially formulated with Oat extracts including Vitamin E and essential oils for lasting freshness. No chemicals, no parabens and no animal testing, and ph balanced makes this shampoo and conditioner a must-have product. It gently removes dirt, cleans, moisturises and repels insects and parasites, truly 4in1.

2. Milk Bath Deodorant / 500ml: Made with all-organic and unique ingredients, such as' milk protein, oats extracts vitamins and no chemicals, no paraben and no animal testing, our deodorant has its own nourishing and healing properties while naturally repelling ticks & fleas.

3. Milk Bath Dry Shampoo / 250ml: With real milk protein, organic oatmeal extract and vitamin D and E, no chemicals, no paraben, our dry shampoo has its own nourishing and healing properties while killing those nasty Fleas & Ticks.


1. 4in1 Shampoo & Conditioner / 350ml: Wet your pet with lukewarm water, apply shampoo, gently massage and rinse your pet thoroughly with clean water, that's it!

2. Milk Bath Deodorant / 500ml: Just spray the Deodorant directly onto your pet and their other wearable accessories and wait for a few second for it to dry, easy!

3. Milk Bath Dry Shampoo / 250ml: Spray the dry shampoo onto your pet, and wipe clean with a towel, you can also use A+a Pets' Self Clean Brush Or A+a Pets' De-Shedding Gloves to detangle their hair.

Use to clean their paws each time they come home from play or walk!

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