Benefits of Dry Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Benefits of Dry Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

  • 11 November, 2022
  • Bhavna Nagrani
Dogs and Cats - both different beings with different needs, one seeks human attention all the time and the other one is a royalty!
But what is common between them? That they both dislike bathing!

Yes, Dogs and Cats mostly dislike bathing, even when they are dirty. And while it is true Cats can lick themselves clean but not at the recommended hygiene levels. While there are many different products available in the market for topical skin care to establish optimal hygiene levels for our furry friends, they come in various fashions - liquid, semi-liquid, powder and solid form.
We are here to talk about Dry Shampoos, which again can be in mousse form or sprays.
All leading to a controlled delivery to the surface of our pets’ skin. These are typically used to remove oil, grease and deodorise without actually soaking the skin in water or even needing to rinse.

Lets’ explore the attributes of a good Dry Shampoo and its proper usage to gain maximum benefits out of this wondrous product.

Many and most dry shampoo contain alcohol, paraben, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals which not only dries out the skin but its prolonged usage can cause chemical build-up and skin problems.
A good dry shampoo will not only provide cleansing but also deodorises the fur without ripping the skin of its essential oils, in fact it also possess other attributes such as conditioning the fur to be soft and shiny

A+a Pets’ Milk Bath Dry Shampoo For Pets is an all organic water based dry shampoo which is effective, helps with keeping ticks and fleas at bay and also deodorises, while refreshing and calming itchy skin. Additionally it is made of Milk proteins and has essential oils such Vitamins E with a very mild fragrance (as our pets dislike strong fragrances) which can be therapeutic as well as nourishing for our dogs and cats. This water based shampoo is sulphate free, alcohol free, with no synthetic fragrance or any colours or dyes.

Dogs in their everyday walks not only get dirt but also carry other parasites along with ticks and fleas, dry shampoos are best used for after their everyday walks to keep their paws clean, off of any ticks, fleas, and other parasites and in between baths for a quick clean and deodorised feeling.

Bathing cats can be termed as the most difficult task as compared to the other tasks that a cat parent has to perform. Most often cats do not enjoy getting wet and make it unpleasant for their caretakers to maintain the right level of hygiene, while you can always use a soft muzzle made of breathable fabric, a dry shampoo will come in handy for a pet parent.

The application is also very easy with an easy to use spray, which you will notice absorb very quickly, or you can also rub it off with a towel or better brush or comb their hair for a clean, tangle free and shiny fur.
Absolutely no water required!
When you do use our Dry Shampoo, don't forget to share your reviews :)
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