Easy Tips To Make Your Travel With Pets' Comfortable

Easy Tips To Make Your Travel With Pets' Comfortable

  • 31 October, 2022
  • Bhavna Nagrani

A lot of us pet parents feel overwhelmed and anxious when planning a trip with our pets. But there is absolutely no need to be stressed! 

Our Founder is a solo traveler with her 2 dogs A+a (Angel + Archri) and she has put together a list of things to make sure you have a comfortable and memorable trip.

Things to do before your trip

  • Decide Your Holiday Spot

This may seem like Duh! Obviously! - but this one is especially important, for spontaneous travelers! With Pets' researching and planning a trip - with bookings in place is very important!

Doing your research beforehand will help you understand what awaits you and your pet. You may also want to keep in mind the community dogs and cats of the place you plan to go - especially if your pet is an alpha. For instance - Our Angel is an alpha female and almost never gels along with the community dogs and cats - so the trip is planned kept that in mind. Having said that, Angel has been to many places from Beaches to Mountains to Homestays and we've made some amazing memories. 

Read along..

  • Book A Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Whether you plan to homestay or live in a hotel, booking pet-friendly accommodation will free you from any interference from the managing staff. Mention your pets' special needs if any - fresh food requirements for your pets should be conveyed to the hotel much before you reach there.

  • Mode of Transport

Our most preferred mode of travel is by road in the comfort of our car, if the destination is closer, then road trips with your furry one is the most recommended.  But if your pet suffers from motion sickness (just like Angel) take breaks every 2 hours and let them out of the car for a few minutes, this helps them feel refreshed and ready for rest of the trip. Remember to always have them on leash to avoid any mishap on an unknown road.  If your destination is far and you need to travel by air or by train - Indian railways is also a very convenient way to travel - you just need to contact them in advance and book your reservations, a certificate from the Vet stating all the Vaccines are in place and that my pet is keeping well for travels.

  • Pack your Pets' Essentials

When traveling with pets it's their essentials that are essential and not yours! Jokes apart. Basic essentials such as;

Walk Set - comfortable but sturdy collar, harness & leash (pack an extra pair of these)

Multifunction Travel Water bottle -  A multifunction travel bottle, has space for food, water, poo bags, and a poo shovel making it perfect for everyday travels & long trips 

Hygiene / Dry Shampoo - No chemical shampoo for when your pet becomes unbearably dirty while having fun, dry shampoo for a quick cleaning session and to clean paws, and a water-based deodorant (this is required for the car travels) for us and them to feel fresh, dry shampoo & deodorants also helps to keep the pesky ticks and fleas at bay.

Bowls - Duh!

Assistance accessories - if you are traveling with a senior pet, climbing in the car or out of it can be a task, A support harness will help you help them do basic actions with ease. (shop here)


  • Visit your vet before the travels, make sure vaccinations are in place, and acquire a Vet's certificate.
  • If your pet has a medical history, having it in your phone is recommended.
  • Be calm, don't get anxious, have loads of fun, make great memories, feel a special bond, and share it all with us!
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