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Ensure a swift and comfortable recovery for your furry friends with A+a Pets' Elizabeth Collar Recovery Cone. Specially designed for postoperative care for cats and dogs, this professional-grade cone prevents licking and biting of incisions or wounds, promoting faster healing.
- PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted from soft, lightweight pp with gentle flannel edges to avoid any discomfort to the skin around the neck.
- CLEAR VISION: Translucent material makes it easier for your pet to see things around even while wearing the E-Cone. This feature minimizes any potential stress caused by obstructed vision.
- ADJUSTABLE & DURABLE: Adjustable velcro for secure fit. Durable design withstands scratches and bites, ensuring long-lasting use without wear and tear.
- STRESS FREE VET VISIT: Make vet appointments smoother for both you and your pet by using the recovery cone to ease their anxiety and block their vision.
- A+a TIP: We highly recommend introducing the A+a Pets' Recovery Cone to your pet before their surgery. Allowing them to get accustomed to wearing it will make the postoperative experience much smoother. Shower them with extra love, comfort, and positive words – these little gestures can go a long way in helping them feel at ease.

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