How to keep your Pets Cool & Calm in the Summer?

How to keep your Pets Cool & Calm in the Summer?

  • 13 October, 2021
  • Bhavna Nagrani

Summer has already knocked on our door and is going to be harsh in the coming months. For pets, the summer season can be a tricky time, and if you live in the heatwave region, then it’s time to buckle up and keep your pet warm and calm. You need to be ready with summer hygiene products to help your pet be free from negative reactions from the summer season.

Many pet dogs end up facing overheating, causing heatstroke. If your pet is elderly and has health issues, then there is a big chance of heatstroke. To avoid these situations, it is vital to take early precautions and follow the mentioned steps to keep your pet cool this summer.

Some effective tips on keeping your pets cool this coming summer:

● Take your dog for an early morning or late evening walk and always carry a water bottle:

Generally, in the summer season, the temperature remains down during the early morning period. So this is the right time to take your pet for a walk. As the day passes on, the temperature rises and taking them for a walk in the middle of the day can burn their paws or dehydrate them. Similarly, in the evening period, take your pet for a walk at late hours, when the temperature falls slightly. To avoid dehydration, it is crucial to carry a Water Bottle. A bottle that is pet friendly, one that your pet can slurp water comfortably from. This Pet travel water bottle is quite significant in size, and is leak-proof and has a suction button to pour the water back in the bottle so to prevent any water wastage, coz we know water is even more precious when traveling!

● Keep them at the Coolest Room

There must be some areas at your home that remain cool even during the summer season. It is best to keep your pet there during the night or the rest of the day. Rooms with tiled floors are the best for the pet to stay against the summer heat. You can even invest in an anti-skid mat made up of silicone material that is washable and looks clean. Your pet can sleep over it to remain calm, and which can also double as back scratcher for most pets! in the corner of your home.

● Protect your Pets’ Skin and Coat

Summer is the time for regular baths, every 5 days, it is also the time to mindfully select a good shampoo which is free of any chemicals and is made of entirely organic and soothing ingredients.

One such offering is from the Milk Bath shampoo range, which consists of 4in1 Shampoo & Conditioner, gentle and tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo and many more. Also, their Milk bath Waterless Shampoo is a must have for those times after a good and sweaty walk (yes our pet friends sweat too!) or simply when we can’t bathe them with water.

Coming back to the sweaty part! Yes our pet friends also have glands that produce sweat and may produce a certain body odour too! what comes handy ? A good chemical free and soothing Milk Bath Deodorant, which has a very mild fragrance which will keep your pet smelling fresh and at the same time will not overpower their senses with a very strong fragrance.

P.S. Pls be very careful in selecting a Pet shampoo and deodorant, most are made with harsh chemicals and strong fragrances, not keeping in mind the pet’s sensitivity to strong fragrances.

● Avoid keeping your pet alone in the car

No. Nada. Never. Don’t do this! Avoid it at all times if possible! Even if the windows are down and the car is parked right under the shade, it is always advised to avoid keeping your pet alone in the car from overheating. According to one study, when the outside temperature is 22 degrees, the inside area of the vehicle can reach up to 47 degrees. If you end up keeping the pet dog inside and the seat is of leather, they may end up burning their paws. This can lead to distress to the pet. So don’t !

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