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Six checkpoints to select the best shampoo for your pet

  • 13 October, 2021
  • Bhavna Nagrani

One of the important things pet owners need to keep in mind that grooming is an integral part to keep your pet healthy. When we talk about the grooming part, regular bathing of your pet dog will help in keeping their fur shiny, fresh and clean. When it comes to bathing, the use of the right dog shampoo matters a lot. Bad shampoo or conditioner can lead to fur loss and skin damage. There are many parameters needed to consider when looking for shampoo or conditioner.

  • The parameters include

The skin type of pet.
The hair length and texture.
The pet’s sensitivity for specific ingredients.

Many pets are allergic to some scents and flowers, and often soaps contain such fragrances that the pet might be allergic to. Besides the weather condition also should be considered, as the winter season will require the shampoo to be nourishing and the summer will require refreshing shampoo.

  • The skin types

Analyze the type of skin your pet dog has. Whether it is oily, dry or moderate, you need to analyze it properly. Sometimes the pets might have an underlying skin condition which the veterinary doctor can identify. Such kinds of skin ailments include rashes, allergies and tiny blisters. Sometimes the wrong choice of shampoo can cause allergies such as skin turning into red or sneezing.

  • Age of the pet

If the pet is too young to walk or even eat properly, then shampoo with natural ingredients and water less is the best. You can check out an online website where you can find Milk bath water less shampoo, The Milk bath water less shampoo carries skin soothing minerals and calming organic oat extract. Organic shampoos do not form rich lather but are very calming to the skin. and these kinds of shampoos also assure the healthy maintenance of the fur and skin.

  • Ticks & Fleas!

Healthy skin and coat don’t attract fleas, but it is still important to wash and condition with a nourishing shampoo to their body. In case of recurring Fleas, use of Medicated shampoos are recommended, however medicated shampoos are often harsh and long usage of the same can do more harm than good. Post medicated baths, it is advisable to switch to Shampoos which have natural ingredients like Oatmeal and Vitamins to nourish the skin and coat. If you have a puppy, then check for the Puppy & amp; Kitten Shampoo carrying completely natural formula and keeps the coat soft and fleas free.

  • Conditioning

Often most of the shampoos for pets in the market contain parabens causing the skin to fade away and the fur to lose its shine. It is advised to pick a conditioner that removes the dirt and maintains the skin’s same shine and texture. Shampoo and conditioner made using organic oats and other vitamins are healthy and safe for your pet that helps to nourish their skin hair. One such shampoo is 4in shampoo & conditioner by A+a Pets This shampoo and conditioner is pH balanced and enriched with oat and other vitamins.

Identifying what is not necessary for your Pet
Whether you own a dog or a cat, it is important what shampoo would work best for their skin. Not every shampoo or conditioner will work for your pet. You need to check what can be sensitive or allergic for your dog or cat. It is important to take a patch test of products over a 24hr period to know which will and won’t work.

  • No Hair Shedding
Shampoos and conditioners that carry ingredients like Oat extract along with Vitamin D & E, can help in reducing fur from your pet. Oat extract is high in fiber and carries a plethora of minerals and antioxidants. So, when you check for shampoos, you will find they have a mixture of these essentials. Regular bathing with shampoos and conditioners containing these minerals, can help your pet dog and car skin have strong and healthy coats.

It is highly recommended to follow the veterinary doctor’s advice and only purchase the products that have been prescribed. In case of allergies or itchy skin, it’s best to consult a veterinary doctor than over bathing the pet. Another point to take care of is to never keep your pet stay wet for long, instead of clean the pet with a warm towel and let them rest under a fan with low speed. Immediate exposure to sunlight or chill wind can cause the skin to lose its shine. To conclude, you need to educate yourself when it comes to buying shampoo for your pet. The pet should be given the utmost care and maintain a balance of grooming and proper diet.

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