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A+a Pets' Soft & Breathable Cat Anti-Bite Mask Muzzle (Eyes Open)
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 Thoughtfully designed for our Feline friends, who shut their eyes at the slightest sound and feel secure with their face covered. 

This soft muzzle is specially designed for a Cats' face and is perfect for you and your Cats in performing several everyday duties.

USES: Perfect for Grooming, Vet Visits, Nail Cutting, Ears cleaning and to administer Eye drops.
2 DESIGNS: BLINDFOLD - keeps their eyes covered while nose opening allows them to breathe freely. EYES OPEN - was designed keeping in mind medical assistance, specially to administer eye drops.
SOFT FABRIC: Softest cotton fabric because our felines are soft as feather. No rash, breathable, comfortable muzzle.
TIP: Persistence is the key, use it each time to perform several duties with your felines, for them to get comfortable and habituated with the idea of soft muzzle.
DON'TS: Don't keep the mask on for too long, don't leave them alone with the mask on and don't use it as punishment ever!

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