Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Pets During Firework

Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Pet During Fireworks

  • 20 October, 2022
  • Bhavna Nagrani
The firecrackers have started busting and our pets are already scared and confused

What is the best you can do?

  • REMAIN CALM and DON'T add to their confusion
Textile Designer and Founder of A+a Pets' Bhavna Nagrani, who has been a pet mum for over 3 decades, says 'The most important thing that I've learnt is to stay calm.
Don't get anxious when your pet is, it adds to your pets' stress levels, because they look up to us for protection and safety.
Seeing us anxious will only add to their stress levels.
Read on to learn about the most handy and easiest ways to take care of your pets during fireworks
  •  Shut out the noise

Festivals are a great way to be together, but with it comes the ear splitting sounds of crackers!
Shut the noise out by closing the doors and windows, draw the curtains so they don't see the firecrackers through the windows, keep your pet in a room where there is minimal sound.
Create a cool and cosy environment with some soothing music, If they prefer to sit under the dining table or under the bed, let them be.
Closed spaces make them feel calm, so create that at home.
  •  Do not leave your pets alone

We make our pets feel safe, anxiety, stress and agitation can also be controlled by merely spending time with them.
Play with them and if they liked to be cuddled, shower them with love, try to give them treats - but don't force them to eat
These are simple ways by which we can make them feel safe and loved.
  • Take care of their heart rate

Anxiety and stress levels increase the heart rates of not only humans but animals too.
So when our pets are hyper and anxious - holding our hand against their chest to calm them, using blankets, or making them wear a t-shirt will give them a secured feeling.
Keep them covered and cosy - this will help control their heart rate
  • Take care of Dehydration in your pets

Constant panting and palpitation adds in the salivation resulting in dehydration. 
But it is most likely that they will not drink or eat when the firecrackers are bursting - feed them with home cooked wet food during the day, include buttermilk in their diet - so that they are not dehydrated during times when they are constantly panting and scared.
And always keep fresh bowl of water available for them and see them devour it once the firecrackers stop bursting!
  • Keep your pets away if you are buntings crackers

If you are the ones bursting crackers, keep your pets and the community (stray) pets as far as possible, don't try to include them in this part of the festival. 
Forcing them to be outside with you will not only make them more scared and anxious but will also retract the trust that they have in you.
They may also want to run away from home not realising outdoors is more dangerous.
And we don't want that!
Celebrate each and every festival with your loved ones, but also be mindful and responsible of our pets, the environment and the animals around us.
Have a blessed festive season!
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