The Complete Guide to Dogs Diaper Training for Pet Parents

The Complete Guide to Dogs Diaper Training for Pet Parents

  • 19 January, 2024
  • Bhavna Nagrani

I remember when I had just adopted a motherless puppy and she would pee herself upon seeing us return home, I am unsure if this was out of fear of being left alone or excitement of seeing us back home, I’d like to believe the later.

This was a very challenging time, because would you rather scold her or lap in the kisses she would shower you with?

Of course we showered her with love and accepted her sloppy kisses. Whether you have adopted a new puppy or are caring for a senior and disabled pet or a dog with uncontrollable bladder.

Caring for our pet comes with its’ fair share of challenges, and it is their love that keeps us going. Along with our sanity, and general cleanliness, nothing is more important than the health & comfort of our beloved pets.

Understanding the Dog Diaper Dilemma

I took a simple but foolproof decision to potty train my new puppy but also used dog diapers for the times she got very excited or very scared. Whether to diaper your pet or not should be a very thoughtfully made choice, and I’m here to help you make the right decision.

Dogs always want to please us, so when my puppy would pee herself, I have seen that embarrassment and guilt in her eyes for the mess made.

Similarly it is very hard for a disabled pet or a old dog or one with uncontrollable bladder to relieve themselves time to time without soiling the house.

Dog diapers not only benefit pet parents or owners but also help pet in regaining their confidence and independence, the ability to roam around the house freely, be able to get on the couch with you and rejoin the family is a sight we all wish for.

There are many different types of diapers in the market, from reusable cloth diapers to use and throw diapers, below is a list of all to help you make the right decision.


Types of Dog Diapers

- Reusable Cloth Dog Diapers

- Disposable Dog Diapers

Reusable Dog Diapers - the word itself screams environmental friendly, and we are all for anything that saves the environment. Reusable & Washable cotton cloth diapers offer a more environmentally friendly solution.

More of these are made of 100% cotton jersey fabric with some stretch to provide ease of movement and durability.

One such diaper I found online was from a pet exclusive online shop

Their store has a variety of options in Diapers

1. A+a Pets' Cotton Reusable Dog diapers
2. A+a Pets' Disposable Dog Diaper for Male Dogs with Aloe Vera
3. A+a Pets' Disposable Diaper for Female Dogs with Aloe Vera

Review of A plus a Pets’ Cotton Reusable Dog Diapers:

Let me start by mentioning how have they excelled at their R&D in cloth diapers

  • Made of 100% premium cotton fabric, which is skin friendly, soft on the fur, breathable and entirely double lined for extended durability and comfort.
  • Easy to wear with adjustable velcro straps that can fit a variety of dog waists.
  • Various size options to fit any f breed, of any size, shape and age.
  • Elasticated tail opening to prevent any side leakage.

One of the most amazing uses of the Cotton Reusable Dog Diapers is to make it when we are over the use and throw diapers.

We have all been there where our puppies and dogs have chews or torn the use and throw diapers. A+a Pets’ Cotton dog diapers can be your savior in such situations. Simply buy a size up from their online store and make your dog wear it over the disposable diaper and rest assured of no chewing or tearing!

And these are so cute you can definitely dress up your dog in these!

Not to mention, it offers value for money, is reusable, made of cotton, easy washable, long term solution and a definite money saver.

This diaper is definitely a winner and a keeper of dog parents whether you have a puppy, female dog in heat, disabled pet, dog with uncontrollable bladder or an older dog with incontinence issues.

Disposable Dog Diapers

When choosing a disposable diaper, you want a dog diaper that is comfortable, not itchy, adjustable & easy to wear.

A+a Pets' Disposable Pet Diaper with Aloe Vera are designed with soft elastic gathers that allow for a comfort fit all around protecting against any leakage.
Soft and comfortable can last for 4-5 hours, will become visually discolored and heavy for you to recognise and change the diaper.
These can be used for puppies, adults with incontinence or females in heat or as post surgical care.
There are 2 different kinds, one for male dog and one for female dog based on the different anatomy of the genders.

However, female diapers can also be used for male dogs, only in times when the male dog frequently soils itself, either at a young puppy age, in old age, or when disabled or paralyzed.

Remember these are one time use and throw diapers, that will need to be discarded after your dog has worn it, never reuse.

Maintaining Hygiene with Diapers

Pet Hygiene Tips for Diaper Users

Does your pet scoot around a lot? a reusable cotton diaper may offer additional comfort and protection. As diapers help to prevent dirt and germs on the floor from entering the urethra and being the cause of Urinary tract infection. However if you do not change the diaper regularly, you increase the risk of urinary tract infection, as bacteria from stool or urine can travel back up the urethra.

Hence as pet parents it is our duty to take the time and check for rashes, to groom and keep their coat clean A+a Pets' Grooming range offers a variety of safe and organic solutions, from waterless shampoo spray, to brushes and silicone gloves, all designed to groom your pet and keep them clean off any dirt and germs.

Skin Care with Diapers

When you find the right size, invest in multiple diapers just the way we do for our undergarments, as it is very important to change your pet’s diaper frequently. Urine and any waste trapped in the fur leads to skin problems, resulting in skin irritation, burning, itching and bacterial infections. Shaving or just clipping the hair around the diaper area makes skin care easier. Be aware that many diaper creams on the market contain Zinc Oxide, which is poisonous to pets if swallowed in large quantities. Let your pet be without the diaper for a certain part each day as fresh air is good for their skin.

Choosing the Right Diaper Size for Your Dog

A perfect size really matters and the most important factor in determining the right size diaper for your pet is weight and measurements. Their medical condition and gender are also other factors to consider. Male dogs often need a diaper at least one size larger to accommodate their anatomy.

You may need to experiment with several sizes before you find the best fit for your pet.

But remember if the reusable diaper does not fit your pet, it is better to wash it and donate it rather than returning it to the shop.

Hygiene not only for you and your pet but for others around us is our responsibility.

We hope this article has helped you in making the right decision on behalf of your pet.

About the author:

Bhavna Nagrani graduated from University of arts London, as a Fashion Designer, after serving glorious years in the fashion industry, she embarked on her journey of animal care, with regular fosters and adoption camps, taking care of all the stray dogs in her vicinity, this is when she kick started her career in the pet industry, wherein the money derived will act as a catalyst in her future endeavors of having a free farm for all the stray beings.

Her brand A+a Pets' - the name derived from her 2 Indian Pariah’s Angel and achchri aka A+a

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