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A+a Pets' Hands-Free Travel Colorful Carrier Backpack for Pet - with Security Leash
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A+a Pets' Hands-Free Travel Carrier Backpack for Dog and Cat, a perfect solution for your furry companion. This backpack boasts a spacious and easy-to-access design with zippers on two sides, making it simple for your pet to enter and feel at ease.

SPACIOUS DESIGN: The bag features fully open design with zippers on two sides, along with Velcro, creating a user-friendly and easily adaptable space for your pet.

STEP-IN STYLE: Allows your pet to easily and comfortably step into the bag, instead of having to be forced into it like with a regular bag. The step-in style ensures ease and reduces stress.

LEGS OUT, TAIL OUT: Unlike cramped bags, this design keeps your pet safe, relaxed, and free to stretch their legs and tail.

SECURITY LEASH: Once your furry friend is inside the bag, simply fasten their collar to the built-in safety leash located inside the bag. This ensures your pet remains safe and secure throughout your journey.

HANDS FREE CONVENIENCE: Ideal for shopping, trekking, and travel, freeing your hands for more outings together.

A+a TIP: Making your furry friend excited and comfortable is key to getting them used to this backpack. If your pet is already used to backpack travel, wishing you both happy travel ahead!

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