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A+a Pets' Natural Catnip Wooden Stick for Cat - Chew Mint Lollipop Toy
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Elevate your cat's well-being with A+a Pets' Natural Catnip Wooden Stick. Catnip stick serves various purposes: it can be used as both cat treats and entertainment toys. Not only does it keep your cat engaged and happy, but it also supports healthy digestion and increased appetite.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: 100% natural organic catnip treats with no additives or preservatives. Pure, potent, and free from chemicals or fillers.
VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: A) Treats and Entertainment. B) Supports healthy stomach and appetite. C) Dental hygiene and oral health. D) Stress relief and blood pressure stabilization.
INTERACTIVE CAT TOY: Easy-to-hold and efficient stick for scratching, biting, and interactive play, keeping cats engaged and excited.
HEALTHY AND SAFE: Compressed catnip ball and wooden stick offer safer pawing and jawing/chewing experience.
EASY TO USE: Simply open the package and give the catnip candy to your pet for stress reduction and dental care.
CONVENIENT STORAGE: Comes in a zip-lock bag for easy storage and reuse.

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