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A+a Pets' Cat Scratch Pad with Catnip
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Enhance Your Cat's Life with A+a Pets' Cat Scratch Pad with infused Catnip.
The A+a Pets' Cat Scratch Pad with Catnip is the ultimate solution for cat parents seeking a balance between furniture protection and their cats natural instincts.

- SATISFY SCRATCHING INSTINCT: A+a Pets' cat scratch pad with catnip satisfies your cat's urge to scratch while protecting furniture. The durable corrugated design, infused with catnip, keeps your furry companion engaged for hours.

- DUAL PURPOSE DESIGN: Use it as a Toy or Bed - the solid base and curved contour design make it perfect for play, stretch, and even nap on it.

- NO FORMALDEHYDE & NO ODOR: Made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard and non-toxic glue. No harmful materials or formaldehyde.

- SEAMLESS DESIGN: The curved design offers scratching angles from all sides, enhancing your cat's scratching experience.

- CANTIP: Comes with catnip to attract your feline friend and engage them for hours of play.

- FURNITURE PROTECTION: This cat scratching board will attract your cat and keep their attention, saving your cherished belongings from claw-related damage.

- A+a TIP: We understand that cats can sometimes get very angry or agitated. If your furry friend is upset, gently slide catnip toward them. Catnip can work wonders in soothing their mood. Remember, patience is key when dealing with an angry cat, and this simple trick can make a world of difference.

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