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A+A Pets' Goodie Box of (3) for Dogs and Cats: Sweater, Nail Cutter with Free Filer, and Wand Toy

🎄🐾 Wrap your furry friends in love with our 'A+a Pets' gift hamper this season. Cozy knitted flannel sweaters, nail cutter with free filer, and wand teaser interactive toy will make their Christmas as special as they make ours. 🐾❤️


🌟 A+a Pets' Cozy Knitted Flannel Sweater for Dogs and Cats

  • MOISTURE-LOCK FABRIC: Soft and warm knitted fleece sweater for dogs and cats. Lightweight with moisture lock capability for superior comfort.
  • WARM & SNUG: A+a Pets' sweater provides cozy warmth with knitted fleece fabric. Perfect for dogs and cats, suitable for all ages. Keep your furry friend comfortable in any weather.
  • ADVENTURE COMPANION: Perfect for snowy mountains and light rainy drizzles. Keeps your pet warm and cozy. Your pet stays dry and comfortable during adventures.
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable or hand wash. Low maintenance for busy pet parent.
  • COSY & COMFY: The softness of the sweater makes it ideal for lounging, playing, or even sleeping. Give your pet a comfortable and stylish accessory for every day.
  • WILL THE SWEATER DEFORM?: No, crafted with high-quality materials, this sweater maintains its shape and softness after washing.
  • A+a TIP: Give your pet's wardrobe a cozy upgrade! Introduce this cute sweater with positive words and excitement. Your pet will be excited to stay warm and stylish, just like they love being close to you.

🌟 A+a Pets' Nail Cutter with Free Filer

  • EFFORTLESS PET PEDICURES: A+a Pets nail clippers and nail files are durable, suitable for small, medium and large dogs, as well as other household pets. It only takes a gentle squeeze to cut the nail. This promotes precise cutting for comfort and health. It also makes you trim faster with little effort and produce smooth edges, therefore, preventing damage to your furniture and floors.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SHARPNESS BLADES: A+a pet nail clipper is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with sharp blades, ensuring that trimming your dog's nails is effortless and never scary for you as well as your pet. Additionally, the package includes a nail filer, allowing you to refine and polish sharp nails to perfection.
  • SECURE GRIP RUBBER-COATED HANDLES: One does not need excessive hand strength to operate these clippers. The well-shaped handles comfortably fit your fingers, and the anti-slip rubber coating ensures a secure grip, eliminating the need for a tight and tiring hold. You can confidently apply pressure without worrying about slipping or hurting your dog during the grooming process.
  • LOCK WHEN NOT IN USE: You can easily set your nail clippers for dogs in safety mode when you aren't using them - just squeeze the handle and lock it into the safe position. This can also help prevent any accidents.
  • TRIMS YOUR DOG’s NAILS SAFELY: Its semi-circular blades enable you to make safe and precise cuts. When your dog's nail rests in these blades, you can precisely see where you are cutting.


🌟 A+a Pets' Cat Wand Teaser Interactive Toy with Round Feather Play

  • LOVING DESIGN: +A Pets' cat wand toy is crafted from a wooden stick and feather round. The feather dangles from the round, and the round is attached to the pole, making playtime more exciting and curious.
  • INTERACTIVE FUN: This Cat Wand Teaser Interactive Feather Cat round toy is suitable for cats of all ages, puppies, and small animals. It's designed to captivate your pet's interest and improve their natural hunting instincts.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: If your cat frequently damages your sofa furniture at home, this cat wand rod toy can be your top choice. It can effectively provide physical exercise and intellectual training, keeping your kitten healthy and energetic. This cat toy is an excellent gift for your family, cat-loving friends, or even your own cat
  • BUSY CATS, HEALTHY CATS: This wand toy provides hours of exercise and self-amusement, keeping your cat busy when you're away. It also assists in the physical development and coordination of young kittens.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: A+A Pets' wands are made of high-quality wooden sticks, which are safe, non-toxic materials, and the feathers from nature.
  • IMPROVE THE RELATIONSHIP: Affection and companionship are very important for cats. When you play with a cat using our interactive cat toys, you can improve your relationship and build mutual trust.
  • A+a TIP: As with all new introductions in your pet's life, make sure to monitor it first a few times while your pet enjoys this toy. Happy and safe playtime!

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