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A+a Pets' Goodie Box of (4) for Dogs and Cats: Slow Feeder Bowl, Wand Ball Toy, Neoprene Collar, and Vibrating Mouse

🎄🐾 Wrap your furry friends in love with A+A Pets' Gift Hamper this season. A slow feeder bowl, an interactive wand toy with a retractable ball, attached feather, a neoprene-padded reflective collar, and a soft fur vibrating mouse will make their Christmas as special as they make ours. 🐾❤️


🌟 A+a Pets' Slow Feeder Bowl for Pets

  • SLOW FEEDER BOWL: Optimal Pet Nutrition - Encourage Healthy Eating Habits. This concept is widely advocated by experts & veterinarians.
  • INTERACTIVE FUN: Transform mealtime into playtime! This bowl is not only a feeder but doubles up as an entertaining puzzle, keeping your pets busy and active for hours as opposed to rushed eating from a normal bowl.
  • IMPROVES DIGESTION: The raised parts in the bowl separate the food when dogs are eating, naturally improving digestion by allowing dogs to forage for their food. Say no to bloating!
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Crafted from food-grade, non-toxic PP resin, our bowl prioritizes your pet's safety. Plus, it's exceptionally durable and eco-friendly.
  • NO SHARP EDGES: Worried about safety? Don't be! Our bowl is rounded on all sides, including the bottom, ensuring it's safe for both you and your dog.
  • A+a TIP: To promote healthy eating habits for your furry friend, use A+a Pets' Slow Feeder Bowl. Its food-separating design prevents bloating and encourages natural digestion, ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy.


🌟 A+a Pets' Wand Teaser Interactive Toy with Retractable Ball Feather

  • LOVING DESIGN: A+a Pets' cat wand toy is crafted from a fiber stick, a feather ball, and a rope. The feathered ball toy dangles from the pole with a bell, making playtime more exciting and curious.
  • INTERACTIVE FUN: This Cat Wand Teaser Interactive Feather Cat ball toy is suitable for cats of all ages, puppies, and small animals. It's designed to captivate your pet's interest and improve their natural hunting instincts.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: If your cat frequently damages your sofa furniture at home, this cat wand rod toy can be your top choice. It can effectively provide physical exercise and intellectual training, keeping your kitten healthy and energetic. This cat toy is an excellent gift for your family, cat-loving friends, or even your own cat
  • BUSY CATS, HEALTHY CATS: This wand toy provides hours of exercise and self-amusement, keeping your cat busy when you're away. It also assists in the physical development and coordination of young kittens.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: A+A Pets' wands are made of high-quality wooden sticks, which are safe, non-toxic materials, and feathers from nature.
  • IMPROVE THE RELATIONSHIP: Affection and companionship are very important for cats. When you play with a cat using our interactive cat toys, you can improve your relationship and build mutual trust.
  • A+a TIP: As with all new introductions in your pet's life, make sure to monitor it first a few times while your pet enjoys this toy. Happy and safe playtime!


🌟 A+a Pets' Neoprene Padded Reflective Collar

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY STAGE OF THEIR LIVES: A collar is not only used for walking, it is also used as an accessory to enhance your pet's look along with the added security to hang the name tag
  • NEOPRENE MATERIAL: is mainly used for swimwear for humans, it is more resistant to water, oils and solvents.
  • GALVANISED METAL TRIMS: LOOP: to attach charm or name tag.
  • DOUBLE D-RING: ensures equal distribution of Leash pull across without straining the neck..
  • ROUND EDGED BUCKLE: sharp edges of buckle & adjustable buckle can hurt the skin around our pets' neck, keeping that in mind, our buckles are rounded around edges, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
  • REFLECTIVE STITCHES: ensuring clear and better visible at night, dark days and from moving cars. TIP: To help your pet get familiar with this new feeling of wearing a collar, try to place it near them during sleeping or feeding time.
  • We guarantee this is the softest Collar for your Pet available in India.


🌟 A+a Pets' Vibrating Soft Fur Running Mouse Pet Toy

  • Adorable electronic mouse toy that can go forward by pulling a string
  • Draw the pull string & leave it for the mouse to run
  • Keeps your cat, dog, hamster, rabbit, bird and other pets stimulated mentally and physically
  • Just pull out the tail of the mouse and put it on the ground. When you release it, the mouse will vibrate and move around.
  • Super cute, lightweight, and soft faux fur toy

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