The Ultimate Guide to Cat Muzzles: Choosing the Right One for Your Pet

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Muzzles: Choosing the Right One for Your Pet

  • 16 May, 2023
  • Bhavna Nagrani
Cat Muzzle? Looks cruel, why is this product ever invented? Why do we need it ?
At first it may seem like a strange product to purchase for your cat friend, but it’s a very handy product when used correctly and in the right situation.

A cat muzzle is often used by veterinary professionals and rescuers but if your cat has behavioural issues with biting or is overly aggressive, then simple tasks like bathing, cleaning ears, clipping nails, administering eye and ear drops or taking them to vets for checkups must be very difficult for you.

This is where the cat muzzle comes in handy even for cat parents.

Cat Muzzle Buying Guide

Cat Muzzle is a fairly new product, it is only right that you have a guide before making a purchase. In this blog we have explained the type of muzzles available, how to make the right selection for your feline, features & benefits of a cat muzzle, how size matters, do’s and don’ts, safe practices and how to use the cat muzzle.

Features to Look for Before Buying a Cat Muzzle
  1. Size
  2. Fabric
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Coverage / Type
  5. Comfort

Not necessarily in the above sequence, but all the pointers are equally important.

1. Size - The right size is everything, and it is unarguably one of the important factors.

If the muzzle you bought is too tight, then your cat is not going to be very comfortable in it and could even be hazardous. The 2 ways to determine the right size is either by weighing your cat or measuring their face, make sure you do both before making the purchase.

2. Fabric - Soft, Comfortable, Washable fabrics are recommended, Cotton muzzles are a good choice and suit to perform major tasks like going to the vet, clipping nails, administering eye & ear drops etc.

3. Ease of Use - Cat muzzles might look very easy but are not very simple to put on a cat face, especially if your feline friend has trust issues (which a majority of Felines have) Hence it is especially important to choose a muzzle with velcro straps.

4. Coverage / Type - A cat muzzle that fully covers the face will be better if you want to give your cats a bath, clip nails, clean ears, etc.

A muzzle that leaves the eyes open, is mainly used for administering eye drop.

Determining the tasks that you want to perform will make the decision of selecting the type of muzzle easy.

5. Comfort - Your cat is not going to like the idea of wearing a cat muzzle, so it is imperative we choose a nice soft fabric and make it as comfortable for them as possible. Right size, right type and all the 5 points will help you make the right decision in buying a cat muzzle which is comfortable for your furry friend and easy for you to use.

Benefits of using a muzzle

From the above features we have already given you a glimpse of the importance that a cat muzzle carries in making yours and your cat's life easier.

Other than Veterinary professionals, rescuers and many cat parents also have a cat muzzle in their homes.

Cat grooming - The percentage of aggressive, unfriendly or cats who hate being handled is far more than chilled cats.

Chilled cats don’t mind you clipping their nails, or going to Vets, on the other hand there are cats who become quite aggressive when performing basic everyday tasks that are important for their well being.

This is where a Cat muzzle comes in handy and is preferred by professionals and cat parents alike.

While rescuing a cat - Cat rescuers especially have a difficult time while rescuing a cat who is already scared from the situation they are in and more often get aggressive due to all the trauma, While a rescuer want to rescue the cat but also not get bitten or scratched, a Blindfold Cat Muzzle which is easy to use is the most favourite type amongst these rescuers.

Safety measures to consider when using a cat muzzle

A cat should never be left alone with a cat muzzle - this is one of the most important things to keep in mind, if your cat is wearing a muzzle you shouldn’t leave them alone even for a second

Cat muzzle should not be used for prolonged times or as punishment - as this will only worsen your cat's chance of wearing the muzzle again and may develop trust issues with you.

Maker's note

Remember as a rule you are buying a cat muzzle to make your and your cats friend’s life easy, and bearing all the above safety points in mind A+a Pets’ cat muzzle is designed and the 2 different type of cat muzzle will help you choose the perfect cat muzzle for your cat.

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