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Our story

Most of us can agree that the value our pets bring into our lives far exceeds anything that we could do for them in return. But here’s us trying! .

A+a Pets' was born of the profound impact that her pet Indian pariahs Goldy, Olive, Angel and achchri have had on our founder.

As the number of animals in her care grew steadily, she began to think very seriously about their needs. This is what led her to starting her own company, one that would reflect her values and satisfy her own needs as a conscious pet parent. She started to seek out ethically sourced food options and put together a curated range of pet products – accessories, hygiene essentials, clothing, medical assistance aids, and more – with a conscious effort to use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

A+a Pets' registered under the company name H.H.N & Co. – bearing the initials of our founders grandfather – imbues within the brand his spirit of transparency, empathy, and dedication, and acts as a guiding force through all its endeavours.

" I plus my surroundings, and if I do not preserve the latter I do not preserve myself.
- Meditations on Quixote "