How do You Benefit From Our Collaboration With An NGO?

How do You Benefit From Our Collaboration With An NGO?

  • 08 November, 2022
  • Bhavna Nagrani

A+a Pets' x PFA

The collaboration reads;
A+a Pets' as the exclusive selling partner for People For Animals (PFA)

The sweet sound of this collaboration.. feels like one step closer to the dream!
What dream, you ask?
The dream of being able to be there for all the community animals (most commonly known as Stray animals) at any and all times And why do we call it a dream? 

Because a single hand cannot help a community, it certainly can start the process but if we want to coexist then we must learn to work too.

Just like us, if you've ever been part of helping a community animal in distress or have stood up for their rights, then you have definitely come across the name of Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Who is a hero for animals in India and leads an NGO called People For Animals or PFA. And as long as we can remember, we have always looked up to PFA for the way they work towards the welfare of animals and fight for their rights.

At A+a Pets' we have always worked with various local NGOs, way before the brand's existence. 

Our work revolves around the grassroots level, vaccinations, caring, fostering, and making adoptions for the community animals. 

So when we got this chance to get into a collaboration, of having an exclusive contract, of becoming the only and exclusive official selling partners of the biggest performing NGO in India, we got really excited, we also started thinking and toying with different ideas for this collaboration.

Thoughts as to how can this beautiful collaboration benefit us all and even do good for the community animals.

We wanted to come up with such a contract that was justifiable to you, us, PFA, and the community animals, a situation so transparent and clear that even we wouldn't be able to revoke it.

We thought of asking our existing customers, our well-wishers, and our brand ambassadors for donations, but then every other brand does that, without the guarantee of getting sufficient funds or reaching the monthly required needs.
And that's not foolproof. 

Because even when we want to help in kind towards caring for a community dog, cat, cow, donkey, bird, etc. we sometimes may not even be aware of situations where even a small amount of donation would help a certain animal or a bird. Or are not always ascertained as to why and what these donations are used for. Or may even think, I have a pet at home who I take responsibility for and care for, I do my bit and so cannot shell out more to donate. And this thought really is okay, because if you have adopted a dog or cat and are fully taking care of them then you are already coexisting and doing good for the community animals. 

With these many questions, we did not feel making donation appeals was a promising idea or a long-term solution.

We contemplated and came up with a simple yet reliable solution wherein you, us, PFA, and the community animals all can benefit at the same time.
- How?
Let us simply ask you a few questions:
1. Do you shower your pet with goodies?
2. Do you buy them collars, harnesses, and leashes?
3. Do you buy them winter clothes and jackets?
4. Do you buy them medical assistance accessories when they need assistance?
5. Or do you at least buy them their basic necessities for having a fulfilling life?
If yes,
then you will appreciate this collab because it does just that - it benefits you, your pet, the community animals, and us, and is also a selfless act.
Selfless act?
Donating or helping the ones in need is a selfless act, but only when we don't boast about it. 

We have always heard from our elders, or learned from God's teachings. Donate or help others in need but never advertise it.

Do you believe in this selfless and silent act of donation?
Do you want to donate but not have your name flashed?
Would you like to see your pet dog or cat happy and excited with new goodies but at the same time do good for the community animals?

Then you have come to the right place,
this is where your good karma starts!

Every time you buy a product from our website; a part of it, however big or small, goes as a donation to PFA.
Yes, when you shop for your pet from our website, we donate a part of it to PFA.
We donate on your behalf, from the purchase that you made from our website for your pet!
Does this makes you happy and excited?
Now you can shop for your loving pet dog or cat and at the same time be a part of a selfless donation towards the community animals without the hassle of actually getting in touch with the NGO and going through the donation process.
Yes, yes, and a humble yes.

This is not a donation appeal, this is a shopping appeal.
Now Shop Guilt Free and Shop For A Cause.

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