How to Care for Your Dogs' Joints' During Winters

How to Care for Your Dogs' Joints' During Winters

  • 02 November, 2022
  • Bhavna Nagrani

'My dog is so young, I don't need to read this'
STOP this thought and READ! 

Whether your furry friend is young, middle aged or older, they all need that extra care for their joints' during winters.
Remember, precaution is better than cure.
And, No, just because our furry friends are descendants of wolves and are used to being in the wild, doesn't make them less prone to bone health or any other health issue.
We are also descendants of apes, but now lead a different lifestyle in the urban area with different food and life choices.
Mild to harsh Indian winters affect even our bones and joints, similarly it affects our furry friends too.
The stress on joints during winters can cause problems like inflammation, arthritis, ACL tears, etc. supporting your pets' joint health is essential for all ages and sizes

  • For Bigger Dogs 
such as German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Husky, Great Danes, Saint Bernands who are more prone to issues related to joint health, colder weather adds extra ache to their bones. And it is imperative we consult our vet and take proper precautions to avoid any dire health situations later.
  • For Smaller Dogs 
like Lhasa Apso, Shitzhu, Pomeranian who are more prone to frequent sprains due to their shorter limbs, colder weather can increase the existing pain to many folds, healing the sprain in time, using the required bandages, heat compression wrap, etc. will help in healing the process faster.
  • For Younger Dogs
Preventing joint health issues as your dog ages is an ideal way to help them be healthy, hence it is never too early to start taking care of their joints. When you notice a change in their walk - limping or a sprain could be caused by simple everyday activities like jumping off the bed or playing outdoors and to ignore these  symptoms can lead to bigger ailments, a Knee Brace, Hock Joint Protective Wrap, Dog Recovery Sleeves are most recommended by veterinarians. Making sure their diet is well rounded and packed with nutrition is a must. Exercise is the key to a healthy life not only for humans but for animals too, make sure they get enough exercise even when the weather makes us lazy.
  • For Adult / Older Dogs
It is a challenge to watch our furry friends grow older, but aging is inevitable and it also brings with it a variety of health issues no matter how careful we are. For instance if your dog has developed arthritis and they need help while walking, to skip walk time and exercise will only make it worse and just supplements or medicines may not be enough, veterinarians recommend using Support Harnesses which can provide that extra support and comfort. Mobility & joint stiffness is another common problem that affects our adult / older dogs, along with supplements a veterinarian may recommend heat compression, thankfully there are Options available now that can help in providing that warmth to the joints.

 Promoting your Canine Friends' Health with A+A

At A+a Pets' we are passionate about our furry friends' health because we know that medicines and supplements alone are not enough and that Medical Assistance Accessories are also required to lead a healthy and stress free life. 


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