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A+a Pets' Bentonite Cat Litter | 100% Natural | Pure, Safe No Odour Litter for Cats Kittens (10L)
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This 100% natural bentonite sand cat litter is the perfect solution for busy cat parents who prioritize their pet's comfort and a clean, odor free home. Add this sand cat litter to your cart today and experience the difference!

- NATURALLY SAFE: This bentonite cat litter sand made with 100% pure bentonite clay ensures the well-being of both your feline friend and your family. Dust-free formula keeping the air clean and lungs healthy.

- SUPER ABSORBENT: Say goodbye to puddles! This cat litter instantly absorbs moisture upon contact, leaving your cat box fresh and hygienic.

- EFFORTLESS CLEANING: It Clumps tight and fast, making scooping a breeze. Less mess!

- GENTLE ON PAWS: The fine, soft texture provides ultimate comfort for your cat's delicate paws, encouraging litter box use.

- FRESH HOME, HAPPY CAT: Superior odor control neutralizes unpleasant smells, keeping your home smelling fresh.

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