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A+A Pets' Milk Bath Dry Shampoo For Pets
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Did you just shower your pet ? And they want to go play and get dirty?

Worried about you having to give them a shower again?

We understand that repeated bathing can cause them to lose some of the natural oils.

So without hampering their playtime or for those Lazy times or simply in between baths, use A+a Pets' Milk bath Water Less or Dry Shampoo and keep them clean and smelling great.

This formula detangles, cleans and deodorises, providing an efficient way to clean your buddy without water and also kills nasty fleas and ticks!

With real milk protein, organic oatmeal extract and vitamin D and E, his fur will stay soft and shiny. Made with all-natural and unique ingredients, no chemicals, no paraben, our dry shampoo has its own nourishing and healing properties!  

Designed to give your pet a clean, fresh smell without bathing.

Different ways to use:

. All you need to do is simply spray the A+a Pets' Milk Bath dry shampoo onto your dry pets' coat, wipe clean with a towel or allow to dry naturally (i.e. if your pet can stay in one place :)

. Use it to clean their Paws each time they come back from their walk or play.

When the coat is dry remove any of your dog’s excess hair by brushing the coat, using our easy to clean A+a Pets' Self Clean Brush Or A+a Pets' De-Shedding Gloves

Formulated With Love For the Little Paws Who Hate Bath. 

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